Wedding Shower

The Wedding Shower

Wedding showers are just one of the many unique pre wedding parties held before the big day. Bridal showers are designed to give the newly weds the things they'll need when they move into their new home together.

Many of today's wedding showers are themed, and can be anything from a recipe shower to a barbecue shower in which the gifts would include things the couple could use for outdoor dinners.

Wedding showers should be held a few weeks before the wedding date and only those guests who have been invited to the wedding should be invited to the shower. Some couples are lucky and end up having more than one wedding shower.

It is not uncommon for the bride to be given a bridal shower, with only the women invited and second shower for the couple. Many couples appreciate one large item that all the guests have purchased together, this could be anything from a TV to a barbecue, a piece of furniture or appliances.

Theme ideas for the bridal shower

  • Lingerie or Trousseau - sleep wear as well as robes and fine undies.
  • Kitchen Shower - the sky is the limit, everything from tea towels to small appliances.
  • Recipe - a favorite recipe is included with baking pan.
  • Spa - include candles, spa products, luxury towels.

Ideas for a couples or Jack & Jill wedding shower

  • Backyard Shower - everything from patio lights to lawn furniture.
  • Fill the Tool Shed - from garden tools to a lawnmower.
  • Wine or Liquor Shower - help the newly weds stock their bar - everyone could bring a bottle and together purchase a wine rack or small bar fridge.



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