Wedding Websites

Wedding Websites

Wedding Website Many couples feel that having a wedding website is an extravagance that they just can't afford. We disagree - a wedding website can be a great planning tool and after the wedding a keepsake of all your hard work.

There are a number of online companies that offer templates for your wedding site. These templates are easy to use - just fill in the forms with your wedding details and they are uploaded in to a site. You are limited to the designs available and may be restricted to the number of pages your site has, but we have found them to be more than adequate.

Our favorite online template site is A basic site is less than $3 per month, and they have a good selection of templates to choose from.

Pages you should include in your wedding website.

Home Page: Here is where you will welcome visitors to your site and give them an over view of the wedding day.

Include the wedding details: Time, date, and place of the big event the basic information listed on your wedding invitations.

All About Us: Let your guests get to know you better by reading your biographies. You can tell the story of your life yourself, or write each other's bios for a fun twist.

Our Story: Share the story of how you met and then became engaged.

General Wedding Info: Here you can provide short bios of the wedding party, add details about the ceremony and reception not included in the wedding invitation, provide maps to each of the locations, information for out-of-towners and where you are registered.

RSVP: Save on postage and allow guests to RSVP right from your website.

Photo Album: Share pictures of yourselves as children, your dating adventures, and of course, your engagement and wedding photos. Share photos of your wedding showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and all the other activities

Remember to post your wedding and reception photos after the wedding.

Guestbook: Allow guests to leave well-wishes on your website.

Are you ready to start you own wedding ebsite. Click here to get started.

If you’re building your
own site, you can get the html code for a free
weather magnet from


*A wedding website is a great way to communicate with friends and family.

*A wedding website makes it easier to plan your wedding.

*A wedding website offers the groom an opportunity to be involved in your wedding plans than is more a guy thing.

*Your wedding website provides guests with information that is not always suitable included din the invitation .

*A wedding website is a great way share your wedding memories and a wonderful start to your personal family history.



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