Tropical Wedding Invitations

Tropical wedding invitations conjure up exotic, colorful and whimsy. Here is where you can really use your imagination to the fullest.

Tropical wedding invitations become exotic with rich Caribbean colors, palm trees swaying in the breeze, or even animal prints.

Depending on the location of your tropical theme wedding, choose wedding invitations that reflect that environment, i.e.: sand dollars, sea shells, sand castles or palm trees and exotic flowers.

Great Ideas For Tropical Wedding Invitations:

  • Large leaf shaped invitation.
  • Animal prints papers and vellums.
  • Dye cut jungle leaves, flowers, etc.
Sheer Summer:  100 Personalized Wedding Invitations
Sheer Summer: 100 Personalized Wedding Invitations
Message from the Beach Bottle
Message In A Bottle
Makes a unique wedding invitation Scorch the edges of yellowed paper for an aged look and deliver your wedding invitation in a unique glass bottle.
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A bright sailboat dresses the top of the card, inside a delightful diamond border. Chelsea Notes cards are printed on smoothly textured, mid-weight white card stock that accentuates the vibrant colors of each design.
Just the Two of Us:  100 Personalized Wedding Invitations Just the Two of Us: 100 Personalized Wedding Invitations
tropical wedding stationary A Palm Tree Makes a Great Tropical Wedding Invitations
A stick border frames a palm tree delightfully, adding some welcome summer sunshine to your card. This invitation is perfect for destination weddings to exotic, tropical locations!
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