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Save the Date Cards

The concept of a "Save the Date" notification-whether by card or magnet or both is a relatively new one. Save the Date Cards are announcements that inform your guests of your future wedding in order to keep your special day free. They are generally sent at least 4-6 months prior to your wedding and before the wedding invitations are sent.

If your guests will need to travel to attend your wedding they will need more notice than the traditional 4-6 months in advance of the wedding. With such short notice it is often too late for your guests to request the time off from work, or plan air travel. A Save the Date card or magnet announcing your wedding functions as both an announcement of your wedding and wedding date, and a notification that they will be invited.

An absolute necessity for destination weddings, they are generally sent at least 12 months prior to the wedding date, if not longer.

Remember - if you send someone a save-the-date-card you MUST send an invitation!

What to include on your Save the Date Cards

  • the names of the couple getting married
  • date of wedding
  • city or town and state of where wedding will take place
  • be sure to include something along the lines of, “Invitation to follow”, “Invitation and details to follow”, “Invitation will follow” this is usually placed at the bottom of the card
  • URL of your wedding website

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