Parts of the Invitation

Basic Parts of The Wedding Invitation

The Wedding Invitation
This is the feature piece of the wedding stationary. It is the largest card, containing the details of the wedding ceremony.

Printed Outer Envelope
Your invitation will come with a plain white outer envelopes. You can also choose to order your invitations with the return address printed on the flap of the envelope. This saves time when addressing the envelopes.

Lined Inner Envelope
Again, your wedding invitations come with all the absolutely necessary parts, but you can choose to create a custom looking wedding invitation by adding a colored liner inside the envelope. This is a great way to bring your wedding color into your invitation or to add some luxury to a plain invitation.

Reception Card
A reception card tells the guests the time and location of the reception. For a formal wedding, a reception card is generally considered to be a must, however if you are having an informal wedding, or if your ceremony is going to be at the same location as the reception, you may choose to add a footnote on your invitation, rather than having a separate card.

RSVP Card & Envelope
The respond card is mailed back to you so that you can keep a head count for your reception. Guests should send the card back whether or not they plan to attend your wedding. A self-addressed envelope is usually included.

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