The Guest List

Tips on Creating Your Wedding Guest List

As soon as possible, sit down with your fiancé and both sets of parents - if applicable - and decide on the numbers of guests you are able to invite to your wedding based on budget and size of venue. A general rule of thumb is a 20% decline rate, however that can fluctuate greatly and should only be used as a general idea. If you plan to send out 200 wedding invitations, you should be able to afford and seat 200 guests.

Let's get started:

A great way to start is to create 3 lists, must invite, want to invite and it would be nice to invite...

Consider if children are included and how many.

Many couples today are inviting close family and friends to the ceremony and dinner and then a wider circle of friends to join the party following the meal. If this is an option you will be taking - 2 sets of invitations will be required.

Once you have your guest list finalized, you'll need to determine the number of invitations to send out. Remember, couples and families with children under 16 get one invitation. Children over age 16 should receive their own invitation.

We recommend ordering approximately 20% more wedding invitations than you think you'll need, because it will be more expensive to reorder later.

Once you have finalized the numbers double check the addresses and spelling of all names.

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