Designing Your Wedding Invitations

Tips on Designing & Printing Homemade Wedding Stationery

Making your own wedding stationary can be fun and it is a great way to continue the theme of the wedding throughout the planning. You will definitely save a bundle if you carefully plan your design thoroughly BEFORE you purchase any materials. Most stationery stores will have paper and card stock available by the single sheet so purchase a few of the ones you like and test them in your printer first.

Thorough testing and planning before you decide on anything will definitely make the job go smoother and faster than altering your invitation design partway through. Completing a set of stationery, making sure you are happy with the look and the level of difficulty involved will ensure you enjoy the experience.

Tips to help you get started on your wedding invitations

  • Folded cards require double sided papers.
  • Velum and specialty papers add depth and creativity to wedding invitations, but not all printers are compatible, check before you start.
  • Always try coordinate the envelopes with the wedding invitations. The envelope is the finishing touch to your custom wedding invitations, even though it is the first thing thrown out, it sets the stage for what lies within. Use white envelopes only if they will match the rest of the invitations.
  • Square invitations and non standard size invitations are considered oversize and will cost more to post. Check with your postal office regarding any extra charges, taking into account the number of overseas invitations you may have to send out.
  • Accessories like ribbons, seals etc., are much more economical to purchase by the roll or sheet. Never buy by the yard as you will probably pay more than the cost of a roll.
  • Be aware of the theme throughout your chosen design. If you have bows on all pieces take into consideration the number of sets you need. If you want bows that's fine, but just be aware of the amount of work it can involve. Alternately, have them on the invitation and/or place cards.
  • If you choose to have a folded card, buy it folded when ever possible. It costs a little extra but cuts down on the work you need to do yourself.

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