Wedding Invtations - Budgeting Tips

Budget saving tips when ordering your wedding invitations.

  • Keep it simple! The simpler the card, the less time and supplies you will need. Inexpensive wedding invitations can be achieved using beautiful papers instead of costly embellishments.
  • Seal n Send Invitations - This type of invitation is mailed to guests as a single-folded card stock - without an envelope. The respond postcard is attached to the invitation by a perforation at the bottom for easy removal. Since the respond piece is a postcard, you will save on postage for the return mailing.
  • Making your own wedding invitations is an easy way to save money on wedding stationary - but be honest, your time is valuable and if card making in not really your thing you may find it takes more time and supplies than you first expected. Be sure you are prepared for the time and commitment involved.
  • Look for printing companies who will charge much less than a wedding stationary store.
  • Ask a friend with beautiful handwriting to do the invitations, this could be her wedding gift to you. She only needs to do one, then have it laser copied.
  • Some couples are opting to email invitations, be sure everyone reads their email regularly, this option should be reserved for the very casual wedding.
  • Save money and impress your guests when you personalize and print your wedding invitations at home using free online services that are available from some major online stationery stores. You pay for the paper and envelopes and then use their software to print directly from your own computer. With sophisticated custom-tailoring tools, you'll be able to enter your text, tweak it, preview it, and print it. No mistakes, no hassles, no wasted cards – and its cheap!
  • Order all stationary needs at the same time. Adding extras at a later date onto an order can be very costly. Thank-you cards, menus, etc.
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