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Perhaps you had a small wedding, eloped or a opted for a destination wedding. Now what?

A great way to let extended friends and family in on your news is to place an announcement in the local paper or send out written announcements . Personal announcements sent to close friends and family are more appropriate than letting them read about it in the paper.

What to include in your wedding announcement...

Some of the basic information that you will want to consider including in your announcement is the bride's full name and city of residence, the names of the her parents and their place of residence - the city or town, not their street address, the name of the groom and his place of residence, the names of the groom’s parents and their place of residence, and details about the wedding itself such as the date and location, the names of those in the wedding party and their relationships to the bride or groom, where the couple has gone for their honeymoon, and any other information you may deem pertinent or interesting.

Who receives a personal wedding announcement...

Personal wedding announcements will typically be sent to friends, relatives, and acquaintances who were not invited to the wedding itself. It is customary to send these wedding announcements immediately following the wedding date.

When should you make the announcement...

Have the announcement ready before the actual wedding takes place so that it may be printed immediately following the wedding if possible and no longer than a week. Send the announcements to friend and family-word will spread fast of your wedding and for those not invited , receiving a wedding announcement will go a long way to cover hurt feelings.



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