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Disney Style Wedding DressWhat girl hasn't fantasized about meeting Prince Charming and being whisked off to a castle for her fairytale wedding?

Since 1991 more than 27,000 Princes and Princesses have been married in the shadow of Walt Disneys Sleeping Beauty's Castle. At an average cost of approximately $12,000 - $45,000, your guests are treated like royalty and the Bride and Groom have the option of being carried off in a horse drawn carriage.

There really is nothing more magical than when you arrive at Sleeping Beauty Castle in Cinderella's coach beneath the twinkling stars, and in true Disney fashion no details are left unattended. From a classical harpist during the ceremony to two trumpeting heralds to announce the bride and groom's entrance to a sit down gourmet dinner, a Disney wedding is a classic reenactment of every little girl's dream fairytale wedding.

But with the average price tag at $32,000 many couples are faced with looking at alternatives to the classic Disney Wedding.

Bring on the Magic

Castles, fairies and princes and princesses are the foundation of all Disney movies. Spend the afternoon watching your favorite Disney movies and choose a theme that fulfills your dream wedding fantasy.

Duplicate the Disney Wedding on a Budget:

Look for beautiful architectural landmarks similar to Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Old churches, historic buildings, even a friends home can do double duty as for the ceremony and reception.

An after dinner wedding saves money on catering and the glow from candles in the evening is ultra romantic. Offer your guests extra special appetizers and spend the evening dancing and partying with your guests.

Tulle is a budget conscious brides best friend. Buy entire bolts of this decorating staple and use it to decorate everything from the wedding arch and chair backs to floral arrangements - even hide unsightly structural details.

Flowers abound at every Disney wedding and in addition to adding a decorating feature they bring color and pizazz to both the wedding ceremony and reception. Purchase arm loads of inexpensive silk flowers and use them in addition to the tulle to add a magical touch to even the most boring rooms.

To add a touch of enchantment, use large candelabras, similar to those in Beauty and the Beast.

Sparkling crystal, polished silverware and bright white china add classic and elegant touches.

Twinkling lights cast a spell on the most unimaginative venues - buy them by the hundreds and wrap everything in lights!

Dollar stores or flea markets are filled with Disney items that do double duty as wedding favors and place settings.

Prerecord music for the ceremony and reception instead of hiring a DJ. In Disney style have recorded harp music for the church and trumpeting to announce your arrival as husband and wife.

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