Hawaian Wedding Decorations

Hawaiian Wedding Decorating Ideas

Help guide your guests from the parking lot or hotel to the wedding venue using one of these unique ideas.
  • Create a rustic directional sign showing your guests the way. Craft stores carry paint that will instantly give new wood a weathered look.
  • An aisle of bamboo torches or tiki torches lead the way to the waters edge.

Hawaiian Wedding Tips

Incorporate the Hawaiian theme into your bridal bouquet with the addition of seashells.

Choose seashells that are similar in color and size. For each shell, with a hot glue gun add a length of florists 22 gauge wire. Cluster 3 shells together and wrap with florist wire. Add the cluster to a selection of flowers or ask your florists to do it for you.

How to make a lei:

The symbolism of a lei makes a beautiful accessory for the wedding party and a delightful way to get your guests ready for a beach wedding.

For each 30 inch lei you will need -

  • chrysanthemums or dendrobium orchids
  • colored beads - plastic are lighter and more comfortable to wear.
  • 40 inches of nylon thread - or fishing line
  • large needle

Thread wire through flowers and beads alternately. Knot between each flower and bead to avoid slipping.

Use these ideas for your Hawaiian table centerpieces....

  • Urns filled with seashells sand, sea glass or small stones
  • Shallow bowls filled with tinted water and a floating candle, for extra drama sprinkle sea glass or shells on the table.
  • Create a beach scene, Fill trays with sand or gravel then top with rocks or seashells or bits of driftwood.
  • One large candle per table decorated with a collar of seashells - Place the candle on a pedestal and hot glue shells around the base of the candle, piling the shells as you go.
  • Miniature beachscapes created from mix and matched glasses act as votives - fill with seashells, sand and a single candle.
  • Low bowls filled with water and a single exotic flower.

Place Cards

  • Collect flat stones to use as napkin weights and write the name of each guest in marker.

Hawaiian Wedding Favors

  • Small buckets filled with seashell cookies or candies
  • Funny sunglasses
  • Personalize paper or cello bags filled with homemade cookies or candies and closed with raffia and a small seashell
  • Small fans to help guests keep cool, alternately pass out inexpensive paper parasols at the wedding ceremony.

These adorable hand painted beach bucket placecard/photo frames will serve as fabulous mementos for your guests. More info.

These beach theme candles are sold as an assorted set of 3. More info.

An absolute must for any beach wedding. These extremely realistic resin crab wine holders will bring smiles to your guests. More info.



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